CLARK, Pampanga—The Planning and Information Management System Unit (PISMU) of Environmental Management Bureau Regional Office No. III (EMB-R3) organized on 16-17 February 2021 a training on the Microsoft Planner application.


To begin officially the meeting, Ms. Maria B. Cruz (Head, PISMU) delivered the Opening Remarks of the undertaking. In it, she underscored that the training is of great and further help in the digitization of the operation of the Office.


Afterwards, Mr. Wenster Rasco (Staff, PISMU) gave a brief introduction on various Microsoft Office applications. He explained the functions of all applications as well as demonstrated the step-by-step process through which the same can be utilized. He further said that these applications, if used appropriately, can help ease and organize the workload of Office personnel.


On the second day of training, Dir. Wilson A. Trajeco (Regional Director, EMB-R3) gave inspirational message and advice to the participants. He encouraged them to adopt the application so that chiefs and heads of the different divisions, sections and units of the Office can monitor the progress of the tasks assigned to their staff. Then, every division, section and unit was assigned to present its output using the said application as part of the workshop.


Prior to the end of the training, Engr. Dennis O. Celestial (OIC-Chief, Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division) gave the Closing Remarks with a reminder that employees of EMB-R3 must practice using the Microsoft Planner as part of their everyday routine at work. He stated that the application is a relief not only for the heads, but also for all the staff. 


The training was conducted in an effort to integrate additional online system into the processes of the Office as part of its consistent pursuit to adopt and embrace digitized and modern operations in consonance with the directive from the EMB Central Office.

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