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Certificate of Non-Coverage Application Form
Discharge Permit Application Form (OPMS online form)
Permit to Operate Application Form
Proponent Compliance Monitoring Form (CMR)
Proforma MMT CMVR
Proforma MOA on Creation of MMT
Checklist of requirements for HW Transporter application

Affidavit for Hazardous Waste Transporter

Affidavit for TSD Facility

Hazwaste Transporter Registration Form (ver2018)
 Hazwaste Treatment Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facility Registration Form
Checklist of requirements for registration as TSD Facility
Hazardous Waste Manifest Form
 Checklist of requirements for Permit to Transport (PTT) application
 Permit to Transport (PTT) Form Application Form
Accountability Statement on Liabilities and Responsibilities in Case of Spill or Emergency

HW Generator Registration Form

Checklist of requirements for HW Generator

Affidavit for Hazwaste Generator ver. 2018
Treatment Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facility Registration Form
Chemical Control Order for Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Registration Form
Quarterly (SMR) Self Monitoring Report Submission (
Hazardous Waste Classification (Table 2.1)
Pollution Control Officer (PCO) Accreditation Renewal Application Form
Pollution Control Officer (PCO) Accreditation Application Form (New Application)
Revised Priority Chemical List (DAO 2005-27)
PCO Affidavit of Joint Undertaking
Compliance Inspection Checklist for HW Transporter (New Application)
Compliance Inspection Checklist for HW  TSD Facilities
Survey Form for Health Care Establishment
Survey Report Form


Batching and Crushing Plant Projects
Building Projects
Cemetery, Funeral Parlors, Crematorium, and Columbarium
Fishery Aquaculture Projects
Food and Food By products
Irrigation and Flood Control Projects
Livestock-Poultry Projects
Non-Food Manufacturing Plants Projects
Resort and other Tourism or Leisure Projects
Roads and Bridges Projects
Subdivisions and Housing Projects
Waste Management Project
Water Supply Projects
GENERIC IEE checklist form


IEC Materials

Lead Poisoning