1.  Duly accomplished and notarized application form   (DP Application Form)

2.  Copy of Ambient Water Quality Monitoring Results (if required)

  • Please refer to ECC and DP conditions

3.  Latest Result of Analysis of Effluent collected and analyzed two (2) months before the expiry date by a third party EMB Recognized


4.  Certificate of PCO Accreditation

5.  Registration Certificate as Hazardous Waste Generator/s

6.  Self Monitoring Report (SMR) submission with attached laboratory results of effluent. (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarter). Compliance

Monitoring Report(CMR) and CMVR  (if applicable)

7.  Recent Discharge Permit issued by this Office (EMBR3)

  • Issued with NOV/Order
  • Proof of Completion/undertaking commitments made during technical meeting/s

8.  Penalties/fines and/or arrears paid

9.  Proof of compliance with Discharge Permit Conditions

10.  Proof of Compliance with RA 9003(ESWM Act)

  • Photo of designated temporary storage area/MRF for recyclables, electronic waste, BFLs, batteries and other special waste
  • Photo of backyard composting area/facility (if applicable) or proof of collection of compostables/biodegradable wastes
  • Copy of Contract/MOA with the LGU as hauler and with Contract/MOA with accredited Sanitary LAndfill (SLF)/Co-Processing/TSD Facility operators (i.e. Metro Clark Waste Management Corp., Wacuman, Alejandro Waste Management, Holcim Phils Inc., La Farge etc..) for disposal of residual waste
  • Copy of Certificate of Disposal/Treatment issued by accredited SLF and TSD Facility operators

9.  Proof of Compliance with RA 9275 (Clean Water Act)

  • Copy of Certificate of siphoning/desludging of septic tanks, hauling and transport and treatment of wastewater/septage by a licensed service provider